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Tourist FAQS

What type of car?

The "car type" is the choice of car available for booking within your city or region.

Each car type has unique features, occupancy capacity, and price to suit your needs.

There are permanent types of cars, based on the city, which are available at all times. There are also specific campaign types available only during promotions.

Choosing between car types is easy, and simply by clicking on the type of car you want to book. You can find all pricing and information by car type here: Menu> Settings> Prices

What are duplicate bookings?

Repeat is a special feature for later booking, which allows you to repeat your booking as many times as you need. To make a recurring reservation, follow these steps:

Locate the starting point and click "Book Later" to book a reservation.

On the next screen, press the "Repeat" button and select the reservation time, then select the dates you want this reservation to repeat (you can choose as many duplicates as you need) and press OK.

You are then taken to the confirmation screen where the number of days in which the reservation is repeated will be displayed.

Click "Yalla" to confirm all bookings.

Policy of Cancelling or Modifying Reservation ?

(1) Once the tourist books via the application, ha can communicate the driver or tour guide in relation to any other details of the trip.
(2) In case the tourist sees that the service of the driver or tour guide isn’t appropriate, he can ask for cancelling the reservation and we shall warrant completely the rights of the tourist against any acts of deception.
(3) In case of the failure by the driver or tour guide in relation to the performance of the service of the tourist:
- The application selects the driver or tour guide to perform the service of the tourist.
- The tourist selects by himself the driver or tour guide.
- Or we return the amount paid to us to the tourist once more.

What services does the site offer?

(1) The application works as an online platform mediating between Arab and Gulf tourist and the tour driver and guide as for the various tourist destinations.
(2) The application targets individuals, families and groups with its tourist services and each person wishing to benefit from the services of the tour drivers and guide.
(3) The application connects the tourist with the tour driver guide through the application and also makes available with services of online payment, cancellations of booking or change of its date.
(4) In the course of providing our services, we provide the full support to the tourist, tour drivers and guide.

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